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Scalar wave measuring device for the health check of your pet. 18 bodily functions are measured painlessly, in only 60 seconds. Special price: € 1.595 - CHF 1.630 including shipping costs Excl. online training: Costs € 130,00 Shipping costs: 29€ (to all EU countries and Switzerland) all prices incl. VAT

BE-NADH LIFE ENERGY never again lack of drive – swallow tablet

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Contributes: listlessness - lack of energy Price: 60 sucking pastilles = € 67.- incl. VAT (Mengenrabatt ab 2 Packungen)
Made in Austria - Shipping: free of charge from Austria to all Countries! Delivery time: promptly available! GNP-NADH the number 1 in price/performance - the comparison makes you safe!

NADH 40plus – Swallowable tablet

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Recommended: Natural sexual enhancer. For natural maintenance of a healthy body and mind! Price: 30 Tabletten = € 47.- inkl. Mwst. (quantity discount from 2 packs) 100 g € 427,27 Production: Austria Shipping: postage free from Austria to all Countries! Delivery time: promptly available GNP-NADH the number 1 in price/performance - the comparison makes you safe!

LASER WATCH against heart circulation problems

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For cardiovascular disorders

Field of application: For dizziness, cardiovascular weakness, circulatory problems. The red and blue light therapy serves to naturally stimulate the capillaries (blood circulation). Control possibilityt: With the microscope you can control / follow the red / B blue therapy! Preise: all prices include tax. Free shippingthe delivery delivery to all Countries- all prices include VAT

Capillary microscope – Laser-Watch control unit

$3,544.00 $3,439.00

Control unit after each Laser-Watch therapy

Field of application: The capillary microscope is used to check the Laser-Watch therapy in use for dizziness, cardiovascular weakness, circulatory disorders. possibility of control: With the finger test you can check after each Laser-Watch therapy whether and how the blood flow in the capillaries has improved. Free delivery to all Countries (excl. customs) - all prices include VAT.

Photo Bio Modulation helmet for the brain

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Number 1 in price/performance

This HAND-COLD-LASER can be used therapeutically for self-therapy anywhere and anytime. It is handy and light! From now on a HAND-COLD-LASER self-treatment is possible! Effective and fast pain treatment at home, on the road, on vacation! Prices: incl. tax. HAND-COLD-LASER: Therapeutic device for use in pain! (with 3.000 KW - 650nm 808nm) Guarantee: 12 months from date of invoice! Delivery date: 5 -7 working days after receipt of order and payment. Delivery condition: Duty free customer ex warehouse Austria to all countries. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)