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Full face protection mask for Corona + school children

Perfect for: Well suited for outdoor activities, school, preventive protection against bacillus- and viruses, effective protection against dust, pollen and particles.
  • High wearing comfort
  • washable therefore reusable
  • Safely soft and comfortable

UV lamp, effective disinfection of germs, bacteria, viruses

Effective protection against germs, bacteria, viruses Responsible, health-conscious people protect themselves more strongly against negative environmental influences, especially in these times - if it is possible. And that it is possible is shown by this new UV disinfection lamp.  99.9% of germs, bacteria, viruses, are produced in only 3 minutes through 20 UV- Lamp Beads eliminated (blasted away). Price UV lamp: € 67,00 - CHF 72,00 (click on the currency symbol & choose your currency, )