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NADH plus CBD-CANNABIDIOL sucking pastille (30 sublingual sucking pastilles)

Recommended: for relaxation, for pain Production: Austria THE WORLD'S FIRST CANNABIS (CBD-CANNABIDIOL) - AIRPASTILLE WITH NADH coenzyme1 Ingredients: Sweeteners: Isomalt, Stevioglycosides (Stevia), NADH powder, CBD-Cannabidiol powder, Release agent: Starch, Acidity regulator: Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Fruit flavour. Sugar-free. Does not contain: sugar, caffeine, yeast, dairy products, preservatives. 100% vegetarian, suitable for diabetics. Shipping: postage free from Austria to all Countries!

NADH plus Cistus – sucking pastille (sublingual)

Recommended: For colds & sniffles, for the natural preservation of a healthy body and mind! Price: 30 Lozenges = € 37.- incl. VAT (quantity discount from 2 packs) 100 g € 324,56 Production: Austria Shipping: postage free from Austria to all Countries! Delivery time: promptly available GNP-NADH the number 1 in price/performance - the comparison makes you safe!