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The causes of bedwetting in children can be an imbalance in the bladder muscles, a bladder that is too small to absorb the total amount of urine they produce, diuretics (an element that directly increases urine output) such as cola or chocolate that absorb more urine due to a serious illness such as diabetes, hormonal imbalances or simply genetics.

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Boys are more likely to wet the bed than girls, but girls feel terrible at the beginning of the day. Women are more painful and sensitive to bedwetting, but children catch up sooner or later. This has to do with the speed at which girls and boys mature emotionally.
There are some bed-wetting solutions that can help you guide your son or daughter through the difficult times while there is no magic wand to wet the bed. Choose one of these effective bed-wetting treatments to reduce the results of bed-wetting:

Bedwetting medications

Your doctor may prescribe bedwetting to keep your baby dry. This medicine is a synthetic hormone that helps your body to keep water at night. Many people do not want their children to take medication all the time. However, this can be an effective choice if your daughter or son wants to stay overnight.

Bedwetting alarms

A bedwetting alarm includes a water alarm that is connected to your child’s pajamas. If it feels wet, a tiny alarm sounds to alert the child (and parents) that he or she is soaked. This can help prepare them to go to the toilet in the evening if the child has not completely emptied his or her kidney. When you use the alarm for the first time, someone should be there when the daughter or son is wet to guide them into the bathroom and expose their bladder while the alarm continues to sound. After a few weeks the alarm will raise your boy up by itself and he will know what to do. After a few more days, however, the child will learn to recognize the experience of working with the toilet at night. The good thing is that many children do not recover after training with this special method.

Bed-wetting underwear

Bed-wetting underwear or bed-wetting diapers are not efficient to keep your son or daughter dry, but they can certainly help your mental health and perhaps your discomfort to wet the bed! With these, you don’t have to improve the sheets every morning, and your son or daughter won’t have to settle a puddle of urine. Make sure that your child believes in the method. Bedwetting is really a very emotional problem and you don’t want it to get worse than it already is.
Rubber sheets for bedwetting

If bed-wetting diapers or lingerie are not an alternative, you should use rubber sheets for bed-wetting. These protect your child’s bedding and make it easier for you to clean in the morning.
I know it’s hard to imagine at the moment, but this stage of bedwetting will eventually come to an end. Remember that bedwetting is usually a normal part of growing up. As parents, your most important task would be to help your little son or daughter get through this time with as little psychological damage as possible.

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